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Understanding the facial aging


The facial aging is a process complex and difficult to grasp. The rejuvenation process is often more subtle than the simple filling wrinkles for which we are asked during a consultation. Thus, any patient who wishes to understand the various treatments offered by their aesthetic doctor plans should understand the concepts described in this article.

Understand the process of change in the face over time

The structural ageing is a complex process that must be well differentiate skin aging. As its name suggests, it involves several structures: first of all bones and cartilage, then the tissusgraisseux and finally the muscles. We will see that these three parties are in close relationship with each other.

The bone compartment

Our face is based on a bony part are the bones of the facial massif. These change over time: as they age, some bones of the face tend to lengthen, others to widen; While the volume certainsprennent, others tend to lose.

anti-aging treatmentThus the volume of sinuses directly responsible for the volume and projection of our pommettesaura trend to decrease, as the mandibular bone that gives relief to the Chin, then the volume of the frontal sinuses will rather tend to increase.

Similarly, the size of the orbit will it grow and curve backwards while the distance between basis of the nose and the tip of Chin will tend to be shortened.

The concept of structural aging is very important to take into consideration during our consultation, because it will allow us to properly analyze a face in order to propose a plan the most appropriate treatment possible to its morphology.

The fat compartment

Our face is composed also of fat compartments that are involved in the maintenance of certain structures.

Malar fat, also known as "ball of bichat" is a fat structure that extends between the cheek and the lower part of the cheek. She participates to the feeling of "fullness" of the face, but also plays heavily on implementing its various soft tissue tension.

anti-aging treatmentSmall FAT volume located at the level of the supero-external corner of the orbit right behind the tail of the eyebrow, also called "charpy pad" has a similar function to including ' open' look.

anti-aging treatment

Over time or following a strong weight loss, all these FAT volumes will tend to decrease, leaving the first signs of ageing resulting PTOSIS (dropping) of the face. Involution of the malar fat (or ball of Bichat) is responsible for the excavation of the cheeks, as well as the involution and the fall of cheekbones, the appearance of the Angulus, and training desbajoues.

The melting of the pad of lint will Meanwhile a fall of the tail of the eyebrow with a closure of the gaze that participates in the overall impression of a physiological aging.

The muscle compartment

Our facial muscles, which are also called peauciers muscles, allow us to create and transmit all sorts of emotions via a multitude of possible gestures. They have the particularity of being "flat" and directly covered by the skin of the face to which they adhere very firmly.

Over time, they tend to shorten contracting permanently and, even at rest.

This contraction will have a double effect:

  1. Their surface, the skin will kink giving rise to the expression wrinkles.
  2. In depth will exercise a permanent stress on bone and cartilage structures to which they are securely hooked. These permanent traction exerted on the bones will eventually change the overall shape of the facial massif.

For example, the rest of the myrtiforme muscle contraction will exert tension on the tip of the nose that will tend to lengthen and do "dive" down.

Solutions in aesthetic medicine?

The different techniques used in aesthetic medicine will help slow down the aging process, at best stabilize.

Fillers integrations will serve to restore the lost volumes, for example in the area of the temples, cheekbones, cheeks and Chin.

Botulinum toxin will allow not only to relax the peauciers muscles responsible for our wrinkles on the surface, but it will also reduce the tension exerted by the latter on the bony structures of the facial massif.

Skin PTOSIS which translates – among others – by the formation of jowls and the fall of the tail of the eyebrows can be effectively corrected with combined techniques: laying of threads, use of the elastic properties of hyaluronic acid at strategic locations that will enhance certain structures of the face such as the tail of the eyebrow. radio frequency can fight effectively against sagging skin, etc.

On the surface, the skin condition can be improved – among others – by chemical peels or demesolifts series combined with LED lamp sessions.


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