Three misconceptions about botulinum toxin


Historically, the botulinum toxin is at the heart of many controversies. This article tries to enlighten you a little more about this drug that comes from the therapeutic medicine: now used safely and aesthetics at infinitesimal doses, it is quickly become indispensable in our arsenal to carry out our treatment plans as his results are natural and effective.

"Botulinum toxin is hazardous to health"


As a reminder, the botulinum toxin is a protein produced by a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. There are several types of toxins, only types A and B are used for therapeutic.

In therapeutic medicine, Botox is used to treat spasticity (triggering muscular blockages) including induced by stroke or multiple sclerosis. It is also used to treat chronic migraines. In this case it is the equivalent of 24 vials of Botox (be 1200 units!) that are injected to release the muscles involved.

In aesthetic medicine, tens of thousands of patients have benefited from for more than 30 years, repeatedly, without that no pretty inconvenient side effect reported so it is withdrawn from the market. Doses vary between 1 and 4 units (to put in perspective with the 1200 units used in therapy!) by injection point, which amounts to a maximum 50 units to treat the whole of a face

azzalure copies

There are three types of botulinum toxins (of A type) used in aesthetic medicine:

  1. The Azzalure manufactured by Galderma laboratories
  2. Botox, produced by Allergan
  3. The Bocouture, conditioned by Merz laboratories


Each of these toxins has advantages and disadvantages.

It is important to understand the mechanisms of action of botulinum toxin (previously described here) to understand better their differences.

Some are more powerful, spread more widely and tend to last a little longer. They are particularly suitable for patients who have marked traits, corresponding to peauciers muscles contracted – or hard-to-relax – especially among older patients whose muscles are more shortcuts, men and athletes accustomed to grinning during exertion which have much more muscles.

grimace Wrinkle old-2

Other toxins are much more accurate (each injection point broadcasts less) but less effective on muscle relaxation. They will instead be used in young patients, who simply wish to blur the wrinkles of the upper third of the face and retain maximum their natural expressions

Treating expression wrinkles using botulinum toxin is an art that requires a good knowledge of the anatomy of the face.

Also, we must analyse as precisely as possible the patients that will treat both static and dynamic to adapt to more than just the schema of injection and the doses used at each point. This is the best way to meet at best the identity of our patients and give them this "coup de jeune" worked so

schema botox


Will I lose my facial expressions


It is very important to understand that botulinum toxin is we used to treat wrinkles that are especially visible at rest. Well driven treatment will help to not disappear as these wrinkles while retaining muscle mobility.


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This is not to paralyze muscles, only of relax them.

There are the effects of fashion, particularly in the U.S. or in the countries of the Middle East where it is very popular to totally smooth those wrinkles by blocking up the mobility of the treated muscles giving a face with a "wax Doll" type appearance. This mode is totally opposed to our principles. Here, most aesthetic doctors would like to keep the "French touch" with the natural results which ensue

Keep the identity of our patients, with a face that keeps a minimum of expressions after treatment with botulinum toxin is often our first priority

It is a pity to block on certain received ideas and close the door on this type of treatment, which is a real breakthrough in the field of aesthetics. Botulinum toxin for example almost replaced the brow and remains a credible alternative to surgery of the upper third of the face in many cases.

Do not hesitate to speak to your aesthetic physician, don't forget that internet not bursting with negative information: a disgruntled patient will have more facilities to tell his story on the Web that a patient meets


My face will be more natural


This is obviously false, insofar as you are supported by a qualified aesthetic medical practitioner who works with rules of good practice, the explanations are clear and that won't push you to consumption. On the be repeated enough: the most important point is to feel confident with the practitioner you choose to perform the procedure.

For the less convinced of you on the benefits of the botulinum toxin, I would like to introduce you to friend and Ella that I had the pleasure of meeting at the booth of Galderma (which produces Azallure). This firm had the brilliant idea to hire these real Twin Sisters as muse. One enjoys regular injections of botulinum toxin, the other not.


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I hope that reading this article has reassured you regarding botulinum toxin. Feel free to ask me via facebook just below thread of this post all questions that come to mind with this product, I would try to answer as clearly as possible. 

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