The secrets of hyaluronic acid


What is hyaluronic acid? What actually are our syringes? How are they manufactured? Why such type of Hyaluronan rather than another? Many questions revolve around this product that we use on a daily basis, in the service of the rejuvenation of our patients. This article attempts to answer in part some recurring questions that you ask around hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid


It is a very special compound which gives both hydration and tonicity to our skin.986571103.Bc_.1

Age 20 and older, it loses about 1% per year in part causing the sagging skin, dehydration, and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles that appear with time

At the molecular level, it is a chain of sugars, glycosaminoglycans, which are placed end-to-end with a particular arrangement, which gives hyaluronic acid both a strong moisturizing and volumising.




Found in all living organisms. The first syringes of hyaluronic acid were also produced from Rooster ridges, before switching through the industrial engineering, to a production that is made from bacterial fermentation.


In its initial state, hyaluronic acid is liquid. It is said that it is "uncross-linked": the molecules move freely. They can be mixed with vitamins to enable us to achieve a mesolifts order to plump and rehydrate the skin and get rid of fine lines that appear over time, especially in smokers and people who expose themselves to the Sun a little too often.


Zoom on the Crosslinking


image descriptionIf you want to create the volume, hyaluronic acid molecules must be "agglutinated" between them. Here comes the cross-linking process.

By adding an agent complexing called BSDE (to butanediol diglycidyl ether), yields a gel more and more compact of hyaluronic acid cross-linked constituting syringes are used in our treatment plans.


There are several degrees of cross-linking, corresponding to of more compact, so integrations hyaluronic acids.

Depending on the different preparation in the laboratory, the concentration of hyaluronic acid, as well as the degree of Crosslinking vary. Each has its own method of cross-linking with its advantages and disadvantages


Different types of cross-linking


DSC03142-2Schematically, a highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid will enable us to restore the volumes. Preferentially use third-level median facial to treat a Vale of tears, cheekbones, cheeks or the hollow temples.

Medium crosslinked hyaluronic acid will be rather used to rework a nasal edge, to plump up lips or fill an Angulus or little marked bitterness folds


A low crosslinked hyaluronic acid will be rather used when need to fill wrinkles on the surface to avoid the tyndall effect (unsightly staining blue of the skin due to the reflection of light on the small clusters of acid hyalutronique, located too superficially), observable when using hyaluronic acid poorly suitable to fill 'wrinkles of the bar code"located around from mouth


Cohesiveness, plasticity, elasticity


Injectable_Hyaluronic_Acid_Dermal_Filler_for_LipThese three concepts determine the physical characteristics of cross-linked hyaluronic acid, they are extremely important to master for the success of our treatments.

A cohesive hyaluronic acid will have tendency to less "scatter" after injection. It will therefore keep longer ability to remain in place, so it will fill the targeted wrinkles in a sustainable manner.


The plasticity of a hyaluronic acid is its ability to be able to be modeled after injection, in order to give it the shape that you want to. This feature is particularly useful when trying to fill particularly hollow (Vale of tears, temples, cheeks) areas that usually consume a lot of volume. The plasticity of a hyaluronic acid can be more efficient product since it will place all the better in places that require a certain volume



Elasticity is a very important component of a hyaluronic acid. It corresponds to its ability to return to its original state after having modeled through massage post-injection. Hyaluronan as of a "ladder" is used to replace tension released areas

This is particularly the case when trying to reset voltage of the cheekbones (injecting along the zygomatic) without necessarily giving volume. It's the same when you wish to open a look by injecting the tail of the eyebrow at the level of the pad of lint or when dealing the folds of bitterness in horizontalisant the corners (or the "corners of the mouth") which tend to point down.

There are very many hyaluronic acids present on the markets. Depending on the desired treatment, we will choose a Hyaluronan rather known to be cohesive, plastic or elastic


Treatment plans


_MGU0470A practitioner who will suggest a treatment plan suited to your morphology and which will meet your expectations is the guarantee of a quality support

It is essential before the plunge to feel confident with the cosmetic doctor you have chosen, of course after taking the necessary reflection time.

Attention to the surrealist expectations

_MGU0380Keep in mind that the aesthetic medicine brings improvements and a natural to your facial harmony. It is not made for transform you

Obviously each treatment plan should be customized. But more often comes during a consultation remains the support of one-third median facial. When one understands the different mechanisms of structural aging, it is logical to start by filling a valley of tears and cheekbones to voltage one third median of a face, a bit like a picket of aunt are recovering to tighten the canvas…

After this simple correction the look seems less tired and brighter, because fill the hollow has the effect of erasing the shadows and face captures simply more light

This effect is also very visible when it supports the ring box


A question of budget


Obviously, follow a complete treatment plan will cost a substantial sum. This is the reason why you need to know put priorities on your requests and find the perfect balance with the advice that you will receive during your consultation.

Nothing is indispensable in aesthetic medicine, it is less you ruin to emerge from this experience better in your skin, in harmony with yourself.

If you have any questions or you are not fully satisfied (e) of the outcome, don't hesitate to talk with your doctor to find the most suitable solution


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