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Stretch marks


Know the formation of stretch marks to better understand their treatment

The DermIS is composed of collagen and elastin. Collagen plays the role of "frame" while elastin provides the elasticity of the superficial and deep layers. These two compounds together provide resistance to stretching of the skin.

Formation of stretch marks

stretch marksProlonged tension of skin tissue can break the collagen and elastin fibers and cause descicatrices that appear along these lines with voltage.

What are these scars commonly known as stretch marks.

There are two types of stretch marks:

  1. The reds, which correspond to an inflammatory phase
  2. The white that correspond to a scarring phase

Stretch marks can appear even when the skin is not subjected to a voltage, at certain times of life during which the body secret lot of cortisol as adolescence, course desgrossesses or due to rapid weight gain.

A pathological hormonal disorder leading to excessive secretion of cortisol, can also be the basis for the formation of stretch marks: that is why, it is best to consult a doctor if some stretch marks appear outside these periods.

Similarly, repeated applications of cortisone based creams can weaken the collagen and elastin, and lead to localized fractures that cause the formation of stretch marks.

Stretch marks and aesthetic medicine

Overall, more is soon (when the stretch mark is still red), more chances to see them disappear are high.

LED lamps and Mesotherapy to achieve excellent results in the care of stretch marks. These treatments are considered and carried out simple consultations of aesthetic medicine.

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