UltraShape is a non-invasive treatment approved by the FDA that allows specifically destroy the fat cells of the abdomen, hips and the horse using focused ultrasound panties, while leaving surrounding tissues intact. No pain is felt during a workout, the results are fast and lasting.

Who is aimed at the Utrashape?

You eat healthy and have regular physical activity, but you can't lose your last few curves? UltraShape is for you: this technology is before everything aimed at those who have a rather healthy lifestyle and balanced with possibly a slight overweight but who mostly fail to lose some unsightly curves.

You will understand, this technology is not made for losing weight, it allows to intervene ideally after a plan to overcome the last localized fat

It is essential to have a healthy lifestyle and equiibre before and especially after a Protocol by Ultra shape to maintain the most effective and enduring results over time

How do focused ultrasound work?

After having delimited the area of treatment, be applied the hand piece on the area to be treated. The latter will deliver hundreds of sets of 13mm deep to high intensity focused ultrasound

When the energy reaches this depth, the membrane of fat cells is broken. Triglycerides stock they contain is released in the body and then eliminated via the lymphatic system and liver which is not the difference between these fats and those provided by the power supply.

Depending on the treatment area, a complete procedure lasts between 30 minutes and an hour. To strengthen the treatment area and treat superficial cellulitis, fractional radiofrequency session is done just after the ultrasound.

For best results, three sessions spaced a week are to be expected

At what results to expect?

At a meeting, no pain is felt. Sensation most often described by patients is a slight heat felt in depth. No adverse reaction is fear after each procedure and you can resume your usual activities out of the cabinet

The results are noticeable in the two weeks that follow and can improve until three months after the procedure. The transforming of clinical studies show averaged 6cm waist loss after three treatments

Fat cells being destroyed and eliminated naturally, weight loss is final subject to maintain good hygiene of life with regular physical activity to prevent the recurrence of localized fat


Everything prior to the consultation

What are the rules to optimize a meeting, how does a Ushape, what results to expect really consultation? All the answers to your questions can be found here

En bref

  • Painless

    The procedure is completely painless, only a slight sensation of heat is collected during the meeting. No adverse effects or social eviction.

  • Results guaranteed

    A protocol of three sessions can lose up to 6cm thick of fatty tissue, the cells are destroyed and the surrounding tissues preserved

  • Lasting effects

    Adopt a balanced diet and engage in regular physical activity are the sine-qua-nones conditions to sustain your new silhouette

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