The threads to effectively counter the effects of time acting on the sagging skin. They can be permanent or absorbable

Threads: definition

The threads have emerged in the 1990s. They consist of a wire that can be either permanent or absorbable travelled in "steps" of different types. These allow to hang the DermIS where they are put in place and thus effectively pull the skin to counteract the effects of PTOSIS related to aging.

Mechanism of action, indications

The effectiveness of the threads is excellent in the areas of the middle third and the lower third of the face in patients aged from 30 to 45 years, taking charge of the first signs of aging. It must be considered first and foremost as a complement to fillers.

They effectively enhance the cheekbones while correcting the Angulus, restore the oval of the face and correcting folds of bitterness.

The threads can also correct the folds of the neck and restore the cervico-mental angle

on the other hand, they are quasi-inefficaces at the level of the upper third of the face

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