Plexr is a new device that can handle the excess skin that cause a sagging skin or simple skin imperfections, no-scalpel. You can for example perform a facelift of the upper eyelids, reduce expression wrinkles, erase acne scars, erase brown spots and even remove tattoos

An innovative device

Plexr (contraction of Plasma-resection) is a medical device developed in 2008 by an Italian doctor (Pr FIPPI). It consists of a room the size of a large pen at the end of which one adapts a thin metal rod that will produce a tiny plasma arc when you approach a few millimeters from the surface of the skin.

He will induce a powerful rise in temperature (> 1000 ° C) in the cells on the surface of the skin (corneocytes) that will instantly be volatilized (phenomenon of excision) by sublimation. without allowing the heat to achieve layers underneath, which are so perfectly preserved.

It is through this device controlled surface abrasion which induces a dermal retraction through which it can correct all types of imperfections

The corneocytes

Corneocytes are the main target of Plexr when trying to perform a facelift or to correct acne scars.

These are dead cells, essentially composed of keratin, which are organized according to the model “brick and mortar”. Each cell (here the brick) is securely attached with its neighbor by a “bridge” (mortar). This configuration gives them the advantage of ensuring total impermeability screw screw of the external environment, but requires deeper collagen relax continuously, participating actively in the phenomenon of sagging skin.

Impacts in the Plexr free corneocytes of this configuration by destroying the mortar, allowing the deeper collagen to retract leading to this “lift effect” wanted.

How to place a meeting

A numbing cream can be applied 30 minutes prior to the procedure for the comfort of patients in order to make the most superficial skin layer that will be supported.

During a PLEXR session, the practitioner performs a series of visible impacts in the form of ‘carbonization crusts’ which will induce a near-instantaneous retraction of the treated area

Carbonization crusts remain in place between 3 and 5 days; It is important to respect the process of healing does not manipulate them so that they fall on their own. Scabs will then leave redness can easily hide with place of Foundation. During this period, must be imperatively protect them from the Sun with the screen total for 1 month until the next meeting.

Examples of treatments by Plexr

Lifting of the upper eyelids, mitigation of the wrinkles of expression, removal of stains and benign Nevus, facelifts of the navel... Find in this section all indications on image/video that can be supported by the Plexr

En bref

  • Soft surgery

    Genuine Swiss army knife, Plexr allows to replace certain surgical procedures such as blepharoplasty (upper eyelid lift)

  • Short foreclosure

    After a meeting, provide 3 to 5 days of social predation, the time that the croutent leave room for redness that can hide easily with of Foundation

  • Results guaranteed

    The results are gradual, without risk of overcorrection. Between two and four sessions spaced a month (the time that the redness fade completely)

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