It is a natural method, 100% biocompatible, allowing a skin cell regeneration and rejuvenation. There's no risk of significant side effect. People who in principle or following reactions, refuse all foreign products, particularly appreciate the PRP.

What is PRP

PRP therapy is from a blood outlet to re-inject its own serum enriched with platelets. Latter behave both as a filling, regeneration and bio-stimulation product.

It is a natural method, 100% biocompatible, allowing a cell regeneration and skin rejuvenation. The PRP is based on our own organisation to avoid rare side effects that may be encountered with other techniques (granulomas, infections)

Platelet extracts are used since the 1990s for their healing properties, particularly in orthopedic and reconstructive surgery.

How does it work?

The PRP uses the natural healing ability of tissue through growth factors. Indeed, the pads are a natural reservoir of growth factors that are released during centrifugation. Once re-injected in the area to treat, these last train a cellular regeneration, bio-stimulation with increased production of collagen and elastin by fibroblasts.

In the end, there is a significant increase of the elasticity of the skin, the skin thickness in contributing to a rejuvenation of the face with an effect "good-looking". Dark circles fade, fine lines disappear and the skin appears less sagging.

For hair, it gets a scalp healthier, better vascularized, resulting in improved quality and quantity of hair with a progressive regrowth of new follicles.

What areas a treat?

All areas that require can be potentially treated with the PRP. The painless injections are a Mesotherapy technique which combines two types of injections: the topping and the IDP.

Blood to collect between 5 and 7ml of PRP. This amount is largely sufficient to treat a full face with neck and décolleté, a back of the hands, a scalp as well a large area that has stretch marks

According to the indications, a protocol will be proposed to you: should be on average 5 meetings together followed by a few maintenance workouts, more widely spaced.

The combined techniques allow amplification results: LED lamp for treating alopecia, radio frequency for support of stretch marks, etc…


Results before and after care by GWP of different pathologies

En bref

  • 100% natural method

    No foreign body is used at a meeting of GWP. No risk of rejection or adverse effect in the medium and long term

  • Results guaranteed

    A few sessions are enough to regenerate durably the treated area. Preferred techniques combined for best results

  • Little suites

    No social eviction, recovery immediate daily activities possible and feasible technique throughout the year

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