This technique is to eliminate under medical supervision a thin layer of skin to stimulate deep cell renewal. In other words, the peeling is used to "new skin": the complexion is unified, the pores are closed and wrinkles fade.

Definition of a Peeling

"Peeling" is an English term which means "action of shelled / peeling". This technique has existed since ancient Egypt and its principle is simple: apply a scrub on the face that will eliminate the most superficial layers of the skin (epidermis) that will be replaced by new cells from the deeper layers (those of the DermIS). The surface cell renewal will result in erasing facial blemishes, unify the complexion, erase wrinkles.

There are several types of peels, from the weakest to the strongest, that your doctor will offer you according to your type of skin and especially your expectations.

Several peel sessions spread over a few weeks may be necessary to achieve good results.

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As a first step, an application of a pre-peeling which lasts between 2 and 3 minutes will be carried out in order to clean impurities from the skin of the face to prepare to receive the peeling.

After drying, the doctor applies a small amount of neutralizing cream to the areas to preserve the peeling (usually corners of the eyes, mouth and nose holes) prior to the application of the scrub with brush.

Once all the areas scanned, need to wait one to two minutes that glycolic acid Act by eliminating some of the more superficial layer of skin (the epidermis)



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During this period, the skin may tingle or heat. This sensation is comparable to a sunburn and may nevertheless be mitigated if one shows the face of the patient.

This felt is quite normal: as long as the glycolic acid is applied, it is 'melt' the most superficial layers of the skin. When the doctor deems that the application time is sufficient, it applies a neutralizing lotion that traced the pH and thus stops the action of glycolic acid.

Once the skin is cleaned, we will proceed to the application of a restorative nourishing vitamins and hyaluronic acid-based cream.

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