Ultrasound (HIFU therapy)

The HIFU therapy is a new technique of fitness skin tension using focused ultrasound that will target the deeper layers beneath the skin, allowing for a real effect lifting without surgery, including at the level of the neck, the oval of the face and around the eyes

A revolutionary process

The HIFU therapy is a new non-invasive medical method using focused ultrasound that allow to effectively treat sagging skin.

Several machines are now using this technology, the pioneer being Ulthera development in 2009 (which gave its name to the Ultherapy) a new generation of machines that use the same process have followed since (Utraformer, doubled, etc.)

Over time, our face in trend to be release. This technique is particularly effective to restore the oval of the face, the relaxation of the neck, treat a double chin as well as the aspect "fluttering" of the cleavage. It also allows to obtain a "lift effect" on droopy eyelids without surgery and especially without the period of social predatory imposed by some lasers (Fraxel type) treatment or medium peels.

On the other hand, can be a HIFU therapy session on all skin types at any time of the year, without the need to protect themselves from the Sun.

The HIFU therapy what is just?

HIFU is an acronym for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (high intensity focused ultrasound). This technology came from the United States is proof of its effectiveness on several thousand patients, which earned him to receive the precious FDA approval for sagging skin.

Its operation is comparable to the Sun's rays which pass through of a magnifying glass to focus at a single point

The handpiece which is applied on the face is equipped with a transducer (the magnifying glass) that will focus on several occasions on the same line a dozen beams of focused ultrasound (Sun). These will produce tiny points of coagulation with a retraction participating fitness voltage of deep tissues (muscles, fascia) and surface (skin), like a mini-lifting.

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What happens during a session?

After an interrogation and a well conducted clinical examination for contraindications, the practitioner performs a specific marking of areas to be treated. The face, the neck as well as the neckline will be thus divided into 'rectangles' in which a number of "shots" will be carried out.

Ultrasound gel is applied on the face in order to properly convey "shots" are submitted by the transducers. In general, two series of shots at different depths are necessary: these are thus two 'lines' of clotting which will be conducted in a manner overlaid on all of the areas to be treated.

Dangerous areas should be avoided such as those involving nerves that pass too superficially and which might be affected by the fire with the deepest transducer (4, 5 mm). Similarly, passing on too superficial vessels are prohibited.


Practical info

Find below the Councils before the procedure, conduct a meeting, Photos and videos before - after

En bref

  • Effect lift

    Ultrasound to obtain similar results to a mini-lifting without the disadvantages of surgery

  • No social eviction

    After a meeting, some redness that can persist. Nevertheless, the skin regains a natural look in 3 hours

  • Lasting results

    One session is needed to get results that last for an average 3 years

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