Needle Shaping

The Needle Shaping technique to create volumes and reduce wrinkles using acupuncture needles in which there is a low current imperceptible during a session. It is a credible alternative to injections of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin

A natural method

Needle Shaping technique has the particularity to be able to deal with natural and harmonious way of facial wrinkles without requiring any product filling.

It uses extremely fine acupuncture needles which are positioned along the ride you want to treat. Once the implementation is complete, the main housing allows the doctor to pass through these needles a current specific enabling fibers of collagen and elastin in the DermIS wrap around them, thus creating a volume.


How the Shaping Needle works?

When current flows through the needle, it allows her "to hang" the collagen and elastin fibers contained in neighbouring areas in order to concentrate them in places that require a filling

Thus can be treated during the same meeting a nasolabial folds of bitterness but also expression wrinkles (forehead, crow's-feet and wrinkles of the lion). The filling of the cheekbones is also possible while lips can be perfectly natural and harmonious way repulpees

A Needle Shaping session is not painful: the needles used does not need to be hollow, it are still thinner than those used to inject botulinum toxin. The electric current used is extremely low and it is not applied only a few seconds which is more than enough to fill the necessary areas

A natural and sustainable result

Needle Shaping technique allows to obtain a very natural result that is limited to collecting of collagen and elastin fibers that can be found around the ride that requires a filling to then concentrate them, wrapping it around the needle, to the level of the centre of the ride to the place which is the most need to regain its initial volume.

The "donor" areas temporarily devoid in collagen and elastin, will 28 days to redo their stock. It is this time of rest it will take between two sessions.

On average, two to three sessions of Needle Shaping will be required to obtain a sustainable result, which ranges from one to two years depending on the patients.

Needle Shaping in detail

This section describes in detail a Needle Shaping session, the precautions to be observed before each sessions. You will also find a series of photos before and after different areas treated with this new advanced technology

En bref

  • Natural method

    No substance is injected at a meeting, only existing tissue moved the treated area

  • No adverse effect

    No substance being injected, exit the risk of asymmetry, infection or late Granuloma.

  • Lasting results

    This technique allows to obtain a natural and progressive filling that can last up to two years

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