Mesotherapy to effectively support the face wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulite. Excellent results are also obtained in the supported of alopecia (hair loss)

History of Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a medicine originally referred pain discovered in 1964 by Dr. PISTOR.

It involves the injection of pharmacologically active substances (anti-inflammatory, painkillers, muscle relaxants, defibrosants and drainage products) directly to the site level sore using very short needles (4 mm most of the time). The mixture is thus captured by micro-circulation local and diffuse slowly. The injections are virtually painless.

Part of Mesotherapy is aesthetic purpose through the use of products that stimulate (include) the production of collagen and elastin. These products are predominantly made of non reticulated hyaluronic acid, vitamins, draining, defibrosants and anti-free free substances

The mesolift

This technique is intended to unify the complexion, fade fine lines and rehydrate the skin at the level of the face, neck, back of the hands and the inner side of the arm.

A non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid and vitamins mixture is injected with the technique of the topping, which involves hundreds of stings to 1 or 2mm deep on all of the treated areas.

A single session to get an idea of the final result that will last about two months. For a still more lasting result, count between three and five sessions spaced 15 days for a holding of 9 and 12 months.

A session of Mesotherapy is systematically associated to a LED session to get an optimal result


Androgen-genetic (or mesopecie) Alopecia Mesotherapy treatment is the injection of a cocktail of vitamins and non-crosslinked Hyaluronan which action to stimulate the synthesis of collagen by fibroblasts of the scalp…

This new collagen will serve as a 'frame' to the microvascular network that nourishes the hair, which will be better stocked in vitamins and anti-oxidants for re-growth of better quality, with a fortified hair and therefore more dense.

In a mesopecie, a series of micro injections of hyaluronic acid and vitamin mix is made with the technique of the (issue of Mesotherapy) topping at the scalp level exclusively on the vertex, the tonsure and the temporal Gulfs area.


Lors d’un traitement de la cellulite par mésothérapie, une série d’injections à 4mm de profondeur est effectué dans un premier temps, suivi d’une série d’injections plus superficielles (à 1 ou 2mm de profondeur) effectuées selon la technique du nappage toujours sur la même zone que l’on souhaite traiter.

Les injections ne sont pas douloureuses, la séance dure entre 15 et 20 minutes en fonction de la surface à traitée. Au total, ce sont une dizaine de séances qui seront nécessaires pour obtenir de bons résultats.

Bien entendu, sans un régime adapté, les séances de mésothérapie n’auront que peu d’effet

Les techniques combinées sont à privilégier lors d’un traitement de la cellulite. Les technologies les plus efficaces à ce jour restent la radiofréquence et la photobiomodulation par lumière LED

Cliquez ici pour connaître les mécanismes de formation de la cellulite

En bref

  • Mesolift anti-wrinkle

    Treats superficial wrinkles that appear as early as their 30s, especially smokers, or following an over-exposure to the Sun

  • Anti-hair loss solution

    The mesopecie strengthens the scalp for a reinforced holding of a next hair cycle hair more healthy and sustainable

  • Treats cellulite

    The basic anti-cellulite treatment, which can be combined with other techniques for maximum efficiency. Provide 10 to 12 sessions

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