Lipo LED

Lipo LED is a treatment that uses led light to effectively treat cellulite and localized fat to reshape your body, particularly at the level of the places where the curves are the most difficult to disappear. Physical activity should always be associated with cete method to get optimum results

Lipo LED: definition

Lipo LED uses a laser diode light emitting simultaneously two wavelengths specific (635 and 915 nm) that will target subcutaneous fat, both in depth and size.

This light interacts with fat cells and makes them permeable to the triglycerides contained therein. This process is similar to an intensive cardio session that leads a cast of adipocytes.

Released in the blood lipids are then transformed into glycerol and fatty acids that are naturally removed by the body

What happens during a session?

Lipo LED is composed of 4 pads of large and 2 small pads.

An elastic strap is in place around the area you want to treat (abdomen, panties of horse, inside of the thighs, arms, etc…) and the pads are slipped between the area to be treated and the elastic strap for 20 minutes. No pain or any discomfort is felt during the meeting.

Physical activity type cardio is essential to encourage the body to release the contents of the adipocytes rendered porous through the meeting of lipo LED



At what pace make sessions

A protocol of 2 sessions per week is recommended during the first month, and then a maintenance session can be done every 2 months.

To facilitate the removal and drainage of the products released by fat cells, treatment tailored to using natural drainage products you will be offered during the initial consultation

Between sessions, regular physical activity and a diet healthy and balanced is essential if you wish to maintain the effects of a comprehensive protocol by lipo LED


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