LED lamp

The light interacts with the living, it is the concept known as "photobiomodulation". According to the emitted color, these lamps allow to obtain excellent results in many indications such as photo-rejuvenation, stretch marks, inflammatory acne as well as the healing process.

The different properties of light

Light is a drug. If you are in are not convinced, know for example that newborns who suffer from neonatal jaundice are treated for many years by phototherapy with blue light, also the exposure to ultra-violetsde the light of the day allows the active vitamin D synthesis. Certain types of depressions are also supported today by light therapy. 

Light is an electromagnetic wave composed of photons, particles of matter that "vibrate" with some frequency, each of which corresponds to a given color. When these photons come in contact with our skin, they manage according to their color across a certain thickness (you can do the test by placing your index finger against the lamp on your smartphone).

The concept of Photobiomodulation

These photons which constitute light rays will interact with the nuclei of our cells by inducing a chemical reaction: this phenomenon is called the photobiomodulation.

Numerous works in various hospitals were conducted in recent years with different wavelengths (colours) on many skin diseases, but also on pain and depression. There were positive effects on many cutaneous inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, inflammatory acne and Red stretch marks but also on pathologies cicatricial such as recent and older as well as stretch marks scars white, etc. and this is only a beginning: to date, the list of indications only continues to grow, placing the photobiomodulation in head of Therapeutics for the future!

The LED lamp in aesthetic medicine

The LED lamp has a wide field of applications in aesthetic medicine, the main mechanisms used will be

-Anti-inflammatory abilities

-Its capacity to induce a cell and tissue repair process

-Its capacity to initiate a synthesis of collagen

Overall is used especially for lamp LED lights red, infra-redemitting and yellow for skin photorajeunissements protocols. The anti-bacterial properties of blue light make a color of choice when it comes to use it to support inflammatory acne

The LED light is perfectly complementary with treatments such as mesolift (it increases collagen synthesis), peels (it improves the tensor effect, tightens the pores and calms in even thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties), radio frequency split with microneedles for the treatment of white stretch marks (the LED light induced tissue repair process)

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