Lamp flash (IPL)

Intense light pulse, commonly known as lamp Flash is a non-invasive and non-ablative treatment that uses pulses of very high energy of visible light both to tweezers to improve certain skin problems such as vascular lesions, age spots (lentigines) or support for fine wrinkles

How does a flash lamp?

The Flash lamp works on the same principle as lasers: it will deliver a certain amount of energy that is absorbed by certain "targets" (also called "chromophores") defined by their color. For example, the chromophore of the hair is melanin which will not only capture a type of light (with its corresponding wavelength) specific. The principle is the same for the vessels when one wants to treat a rosacea or a varicosity: the target will then be hemoglobin.

A system of interchangeable filters allow the flash lamp issue some type of wavelengths which will specifically target the chosen chromophore.


A history of chromophore

The 'ideal' wavelength for melanin will be 755nm, filter that you will choose will emit a type of close light of this wavelength. For spider veins, this will be the wave length 577nm use the same principle to target hemoglobin

So, light energy issued during each shot will be converted to heat at the level of the chromophore to destroy it selectively: when we target the melanin, only the hair will be achieved, leaving the skin and intact vessels.


Lamp Flash and Lasers

Flash lamps are similar to lasers: Unlike these that do not emit that a single wavelength, IPL systems produce with the help of a filter a small amount of wavelengths at each shot that will revolve around the chosen target. At each indication will correspond to a well defined filter that the operator will be able to interchange at the start of meeting

This technique is considered being 'non ablative', which means that energy issued during each shot will directly reach the deeper layers of the skin while preserving the most superficial layers. The latest generation of flash lamps are equipped with a numbing cooling system using the Peltier effect (the same as that found in cryolipolysis) which is directly integrated into the room to hand that will be applied to the skin.

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