Jet Peel

Jet Peel is a totally natural and painless treatment. It is to propel a powerful airflow mixed assets which penetrate through the pores of the skin of the face. The latter found radiance and hydration, and this from the first session

Jet Peel: How does it work?

A jet of air mixed with a solution of assets is powered at a supersonic speed on the peau.qui will be in a first time, rid of all impurities accumulated over time: cellular debris are removed and the pores are cleaned and will open as a result of this air-jet high pressure

In a second step, the different types of assets will more easily penetrate through the pores of the skin in order to restore radiance, hydration, elasticity and tonicity.

The effect is visible from the first session. To optimize the results of treatment with Jet Peel, five meeting spaced 15 days will be necessary.

Conduct of a meeting

After cleaning and removing make-up skin, a first pass with the handpiece to perform lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins and to kick-start the lymphatic circulation, giving way to a feeling of well being and intense freshness

The second passage is made as close to the skin surface: jet high pressure intensifies to allow an exfoliation with elimination of impurities from the face and an opening of the pores of the skin

At the last step will be sprayed the active ingredients that penetrate instantly at the level of the deepest layers of this skin now stripped of all its impurities


A meeting of LED to amplify the results

As soon as the last performed, the Protocol will continue with a red LED 15-minute session.

This light allows to increase the synthesis of collagen to redensify the skin of the face structure. And wrinkles fade and skin complexion is unified.

The meeting ends with the application of an anti-ageing cream with moisturizing properties that fill in deep wrinkles

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