Hair transplant

The technique of hair transplant by FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) enables a hair restoration from a donor area to an area recipient without pain or scar with a perfectly natural result.

What is the FUE?

Hair located in the occipital Crown level are inherently immune to baldness. It is the latter that are collected, and then relocated to restore the bald areas. Today, there are two techniques of hair restoration: the EUF and the was.

The technique was (Follicular Unit Transplant) is a method which requires to perform heavy surgery, always leading to a large unsightly scar on the back of the scalp.

The FUE is to collect the plugins one by one at the level of the donor area and then reimplant them within the controlled areas. There are thus a perfectly natural result that leaves no scar.


A safe method, approved by FDA

The FUE technique was recently approved by very strict US FDA in the field of hair restoration.

A session of FUE to graft up to 3000 grafts. It is done in the day, under local anesthesia, with a possible resumption of activities by the next day.

Initially the grafts are taken to the level of the donor area. Hair located at the level of the Crown being the densest in the scalp, the operation is invisible. The grafts are then carefully sorted before be carefully relocated in order to obtain the most natural result possible


Techniques combined for best results

The treatment plan most optimal in order to obtain an effective regrowth after the session is to perform PRP injections (rich in growth factor), before and during the graft in combination with LED lamp sessions.

PRP injections will help stimulate the growth of the level of the donor area hair but also to promote the "connection" of the re-implanted grafts in the recipient area, a little like a biological glue.

LED sessions will not only stimulate the growth of the follicles, but also decrease inflammation post-surgery capillary thereby the quality of the re-implanted hair regrowth

Practical info

In this section you can learn more about the number of plugins that will be needed for a satisfactory hair restoration, you will find pictures before and after as well as a few explanatory about the FUE technique videos

En bref

  • Method without pain

    During the entire intervention areas donors and recipients are anaesthetized. No pain is felt, you can relax quietly while we restore your hair capital

  • Small suites

    The return to work is possible as early as the next day, however small crusts may persist for up to 14 days after surgery. It is advisable to wear very short hair during this period

  • Final results

    You need to know to be patient to see the results of transplant: 9 months on average. Past this period of time, the end result is final. If you want a higher density, a new transplant can be programmed

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