Fillers are often used in first line of rejuvenations plans. Beyond the simple filling wrinkles, they allow to restore the loss volumes , recreate oval of the face and allow rehydrate the skin in depth that gives the face a second youth.

Fillers: definition

With time, the skin tissues tend to lose their hydration and elasticity. Similarly, subcutaneous fat is scarce and the volumes of the face change (involution of the cheekbones and Chin, appearance of the Angulus, etc.).

These effects can be effectively corrected by filling products. There are two distinct types:

The resorbable: hyaluronic acid, Calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse), ball of Polycabrolactone (Ellansé)

Non absorbable (mainly made of collagen), the latter being cannot go back in the event of excess

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Different types of filling products

Hyaluronic acid is the leader of the filling product family. It is a synthetic molecule, strictly similar to natural Hyaluronan is found in our skin and tend to become scarce over time... There is not one but several types of hyaluronic acid:

The highly cross-linked (understand very compact / viscous) is injected deeply. These will be used to restore volumes

The moderately linked (or moderately Compact) which will be invested preferably at the level of the medium or deep DermIS. They will allow us to fill your Angulus, to make the medical Rhinoplasty to correct the oval of the face or restore the volume of the lips.

Non cross-linked (very smooth), injected superficially and which will be used mainly to rehydrate the skin giving shine and softness

Each display has its filler product

Each type of filler meets a specific need. Depending on the area treated, it will be injected to the needle or the cannula

The tensor effect of the Radiesse will restore the oval of a face or treat a solar pleated.

Ellansé will restore the volumes lost due to its strong Volumizer.

Crosslinked Hyaluronan (Juvederm, Filorga XhA, Belotero, etc…) is perfectly suitable for make medical rhinoplasty, lip increases, the filling of rings, etc..

Non cross-linked Hyaluronan (Filorga-NCTF 135 HA) will be the ideal product for mesolift to plump up the skin or mesopecie sessions to stop hair loss

Immediate results

Unlike botulinum toxin, filling products are visible immediately in a sustainable way: between 9 months and 2 years depending on the treated area and the type of product used. The results are discrete while being visible enough without radically transform your face. There is no social eviction to predict. Please find below the type of results it is possible to obtain after a filling

En bref

  • Immediate satisfaction

    Visible results immediately, without any social eviction. Resume your day where you left it, just after your injections

  • Security

    Compounds safe, effective and secure car fully absorbable with the possibility of removing the product from filling in the event of non-fulfilment

  • Comfort

    No pain thanks to the fine needles used. Risks of bruising are minimized with the new injection techniques using micro cannulas

  • Sustainability

    Holding up to two years. New generations of Hyaluronic acids give a more natural result with perfect integration into your face

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