One of the latest innovations in aesthetic medicine, this technique allows to eliminate locally cold fat and above all to slightly overweight, It allows you to get rid of surgery.

History of cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis was born following an astonishing discovery: at the level of certain areas of the body, the most superficial fat layer is sensitive to a prolonged cooling: when one cools an area for tens of minutes, it induces apoptosis (cell death) directed specifically against the fat cells most superficial, without damaging skin tissue located on the surface.

Conduct of a meeting

After a targeted examination as well as a well conducted clinical examination, the first time is taking measures of skinfold and circumference (waist, round hips or leg) of the different areas to be. The selected areas are delimited with a dermographic pencil and then is shots/videos

The patient is then installed in lying or sitting position, are applied to the area to treat a wipe of gel that will protect the skin surface against Burns by cold. The practitioner who has handpieces that make different size selects one that is the most appropriate for the area to be treated and the escutcheon on the skin above the cloth already implemented

For 45 minutes to 1 hour, a precise cooling gradient will be applied, to lower the temperature of the treated area


Everyone is not a good candidate to cryolipolysis. This technique applies especially to patients slightly overweight with a BMI between 25 and 28 or rather ‘thin’ patient but which persists one or more area of fat which they are unable to get rid despite regular physical activity as well as an adapted regime.

To receive 100% of the benefits to cryolipolysis should ideally start at the same time regular physical activity and a diet suited which will allow the Organization to eliminate with more efficiency the adipocytes treated with the guarantee of not not re – grow areas already carried out level, even in the case of weight regain

Scientifically proven results

The results are final. Most studies have shown a significant reduction in body fat processed by cryolipolysis. This process is of unparalleled efficiency

En bref

  • Lasting results

    Observable 8 weeks after each application

  • Minimal side effects

    Redness, tingling sensation
    always reversible

  • Satisfaction guarantee

    High level of evidence in all clinical studies

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