Radio frequency

Radio frequency to obtain a tensing effect at the level of the DermIS to combat sagging skin, it is also very effective against stretch marks, acne scars, or support for shallow wrinkles

Operating principle of the radio frequency

Radiofrequency technique uses an electro-magnetic pulse to the contact of the skin with a handpiece. In depth, this impulse is immediately converted into heat, at the level of the DermIS (approx. 3mm).

The fibers of collagen, directly responsible for sagging skin will immediately be shortened under the heating effect of the handpiece. At the same time, new fibres of collagen will be synthesized by these fibroblasts in the dermis, to directly strengthen the elasticity of the skin and effectively counter the sagging skin of the face or any other part of the body (belly, arms, inner thighs)


The indications of the radio frequency

There are several types of radio frequency: split, not split; Uni – or bi-polar who will be selected on the basis of the various indications that you wish to treat. Radio frequency can be used alone or in combination with other techniques for increased efficiency.

Its main indication remains the treatment of sagging skin. By changing the settings of the issued pulse, we can treat cellulite (in association with Mesotherapy) (in association with the PRP) Striae, acne scars (coupled meetings at the Plexr) as well as superficial wrinkles of the face, neck and décolleté in addition to a mesolift, LED or a superficial peel sessions  



Conduct of a meeting

No anesthesia is necessary to perform a session. Once the correct settings have been selected, circular movements are performed with the hand pieces on the area to be treated to achieve a temperature of 41 ° C on the surface of the skin while it is 60 ° in the deep DermIS.

For a fractional radiofrequency session, they are impulses that we will issue during each movement of the hand piece, which will have the effect to tighten Collagen fibers or perform controlled ablation which will result in the synthesis of new collagen and tissue repair, in a process comparable to focused ultrasound

This treatment can be done at any time of the year. Depending on the treated area and the technique used, the session lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. No social eviction is to provide

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