To deepen: botulinum toxin


Understanding the mechanism of action of botulinum toxin, know its anti-wrinkle power and its limits

Muscles and wrinkles

From the third decade appears what is called a "resting muscle tone". This corresponds to a permanent and involuntary muscle contraction.

The muscles most affected by this phenomenon are frontal muscle (responsible for the wrinkles in the forehead), the orbicular muscle of the eye (head of the Crow's feet wrinkles) as well as the muscles of the glabella (which reveal the wrinkles of the lion).

Anti-aging treatmentIt is easy to understand that any anti-wrinkle cream, nor any product fillers can come at end of expression wrinkles, the optimal solution being locally "release" located just below the latter muscle so that skin linked to muscle, can be 'déplisser '. These muscles are directly embedded under the skin, there is a layer of intermediate fat (it is for this reason they are called peauciers muscles). Their contraction, which results in a shortening of their length, has the effect of 'tow' skin, leaving when they contract "dynamic wrinkles", mainly located at the level of the upper third of the face.

Botulinum toxin passed to the magnifying glass

There are in total 7 types of botulinum toxin. This is the (stronger) A type that is used in aesthetic medicine.

These consist of a heavy chain and a light chain linked by a disulfide bridge. This is the heavy chain of the toxin that allows its introduction in motor neuron, light chain goes, however, inhibit the release of acetylcholine, temporarily preventing any muscle contraction during 4 to 6 months. Beyond this period, the recovery is complete.

The effects of the botulinum toxin injections

Very precise injections must be carried out by the aesthetic doctor who should have a perfect anatomical knowledge of the muscles in the face that will be injected.

Anti-aging treatment

The benefit of toxin lasts between 4 and 6 months. The first effects are felt on the 7th day, to be best from the second week. Additional injections, from afar, may be necessary in some cases.

If the injections are administered by a poorly trained operator, unsightly complications may occur such as a fall of the upper eyelid, a relaxation of the lower eyelid or a tip of the eyebrow which rises a little too much upward (effect mephisto). They are fully reversible after 6 months maximum.


Thus, contrary to conventional wisdom, injections of botulinum toxin not "freeze" not expressions. When they are well made, the mobility of the eyebrows is perfectly preserved and expressions that go with it are also.

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